Gold Burgundy Navy Flower Girl Basket, Ring Bearer Pillow and Bridal Garter Set


Gold Burgundy Navy Flower Girl Basket, Ring Bearer Pillow and Bridal Garter Set


BEFORE buying any wedding accessories - please choose your options in a drop down menus (if any available):

Quantity Combination

Select what and how many accessories you need; for example, you may need just one flower girl basket or you may need three flower girl baskets and one ring bearer pillow. To make it easier for you - we created most popular options.

Primary Color

Select your primary color of accessories according to your wedding style; Please note: this is not a ribbon 🎀color. “Primary color” is the main color of a product (pillow or/and basket). We have these primary colors available: Ivory, White, Off White, Gold and Silver; if you need other primary color - please contact us via chat or email ;)

Only selected wedding items will be shipped.


Below described our common wedding accessories:


  • Bridal Garter Set

Please measure your size for the keepsake garter and do not take off any inches when you measure your leg.
If no size chosen, medium size garter set will be made and shipped to you.


  • Flower Girl Baskets

Our baskets are made of a solid firm structure and covered by high quality satin fabrics. It is easy to hold a basket for your tiny flower girl princess 👸 - hundreds of them already spread millions of rose petals and made wedding ceremonies unforgettably attractive, yay!

We usually wrap our flower baskets with ribbon bow 🎀of your color’s choice to match your wedding style and put brooch on it to look even better!

Some baskets comes with flowers, anchors and other accessories. We can customize any design for your needs.

You can be sure, It is not a regular product that you can find on the web. We proud to make them in the USA!

Baskets are not only good for a wedding ceremony but for any other events or parties! 🎉 🎈 🎊

Basket dimensions:
Width - 6.7 inches (17cm);
Base Height - 4.3 inches (11 cm);
Full Height - 10.6 inches (27 cm).


  • Ring Bearer Pillows

All the pillows are tender, soft and light like a feather. Absolutely gorgeous ring holder will add so much more value to your wedding ceremony! We use polyester fiber that was made with recycle materials and cover it with the same high quality satin fabrics that we use for our baskets. If you buy a set of pillow and basket - you will always get the same satin material to match it all. So no worries - we care about your wedding accessories as much as we can.

We cover our classic ring pillows with lace and wrap it with ribbon bow 🎀 of your color’s choice. Then on the top of it we decorate it with beautiful shiny brooch to make it look even better!

We also make guipure lace pillows. Primary colors can be Ivory, White, Off White, Gold and Silver.

Pillow dimensions:
7 inches x 7 inches (17 cm x 17 cm);

Please note: this is our standard size of a pillow. If you need a custom size - you are always welcome to ask on our Live Chat or via email at


All wedding accessories are hand made in the USA by Alex Emotions - #1 America’s wedding accessories.

Highest quality and gorgeous design as you deserved.

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